Card shimming could be the new card skimming

You’ve probably heard of ‘skimming’ where thieves use a small device to steal credit card information from a credit or debit card transaction.

Now, officials are warning the public to look out for ‘shimming.’ It’s very similar to skimming, but this technique targets the card’s chip.  The crooks put a ‘shim’ which is a paper thin device into the credit card slot and that device copies your credit card information.

While it is hard to detect with your eyes, there are ways to avoid getting your information stolen.  Captain Michael Brumley with Biloxi PD said, “If you put your chip card in, if it feels difficult or it feels overly tight, or if it bumps something and you have to wiggle to get your card in all the way, I would go ahead and question the actual device because it could have something inserted in there which is a tool for shimming. It does capture the data from the chip and they can use that data to reproduce a magnetic card.”

Officials also suggest using a credit card instead of a debit card when paying for items at a card reader that way your funds are not taken away immediately and you have time to dispute any fraudulent charges.

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