Campaign Spending Has Been High for Local Election

Election Day is Tuesday, and candidates are out making one last push for their campaign.

Judges races in Jackson, Harrison, and Hancock Counties have garnered more attention than usual with both positive and negative radio and TV spots, but the Sheriff’s race has stolen the spotlight in Jackson County. More than $200,000 has been raised between the six candidates fighting for the Sheriff’s seat, and political analysts say that is unusual for a local election.

Robert Hooks, a political analyst, says, “Money will play a part, but because of the number of candidates, perhaps not as much. Because every citizen knows personally one or two of these candidates and if they like that person, the money won’t matter as much as you might say in, say a Congressional race, where very few people actually know the candidates personally.”

Hooks says personal connections and hand-shaking is usually the key in all local elections, but money may play a part in some elections because they are so hotly contested.

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