Bomb Scare Leads to St. Martin Middle School Evacuation

Some scary moments at St. Martin Middle School after a bomb scare earlier today.
According to Principal Stephanie Gruich, around 10:30 this morning, a student turned in a note that indicated someone wanted to do harm to the school. Principal Gruich says they immediately evacuated the building and notified authorities.
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department sent in a bomb dog and determined the school was safe, issuing an all clear. Students filed back into the school just before noon.
“In all actuality there’s probably other worrisome problems that they have within themselves that cause them to do things to want to hurt others or to want to disrupt a normal day at school. School should be a safe haven. It should be place where students can learn and we feel safe at all times. It only takes a few bad apples to ruin a whole bunch, but we have a bunch of great kids and great staff and we just followed the protocol and we want to make sure everyone is safe,” said Gruich.
Multiple cameras canvas the middle school and the sheriff’s department will continue checking surveillance video for any possible leads.

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