Blow Fly Bar and Grill opening soon in Gulfport

The Blow Fly Bar and Grill will be opening soon in Gulfport.

Blow Fly Inn is now Blow Fly Bar and Grill with a new owner and a newly renovated building. Staff members and renovation employees are working hard to make sure everything comes together for the grand opening. The renovations have been going on since November.

Kelly Peleaz, director of operations, said, “So many people coming in already are just stopping by and ready to come in. We have to tell them we will be open next week. So, everybody is excited. We got a lot of support from the community through Facebook.”

Jonathan Allen, the new owner, is in the car business. He says being in the restaurant business is a new thing for him. So far, he has enjoyed the process of starting over and can’t wait for everyone to see. “Everything is new. The previous restaurant had an 8-foot fall ceiling. We’ve taken it up to the pitch of the roof, added all new tables and chairs. We built a bar that goes the whole length of the restaurant. That also has a great view, capitalizing on the amazing view. It’s a whole new place.”

Even though the building has been renovated, the food will be some of the same delicious food as you remember. “Everybody seems so excited to eat some food that’s nostalgic for them, myself included. I came here as a kid myself, but everybody is really excited. It’s been so great to see the level of support we’re going to have when we open up. We know this place is going to be packed.”

Blow Fly Bar and Grill will be open on Ash Wednesday, February 22nd from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. for one week. March 1st, the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner six days a week. They will be closed on Mondays.

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