President Trump signed the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act.
Each year on March 29th, the country will celebrate national Vietnam War veterans day. News 25’s Jaylon Morris went to the Biloxi national cemetery where locals honored veterans thanking them for their service.
The Vietnam war started in 1955 and ended in 1975. Almost 9 million Americans served and 58,000 lost their lives.
Founder and President of Crusaders for Veterans Kevin Cuttill, says “These people live as long as you remember them. We want to pay them their respects because they went and did their job for America, paying the ultimate sacrifice. So, don’t just push them in the history books.”
The ceremony consisted of speakers like Vietnam purple heart recipient Richard Boyanton and Air Force veteran Roy Clark. Clark spoke on behalf of his close friend “Gunny”, a Vietnam veteran who recently passed away.
Clark explains, “He was well known in the area. He was a combat marine. He just had a marvelous story to tell.”
There was a moment in the ceremony where everyone had the opportunity to show their appreciation and gratitude on a wreath, symbolizing their love and support for those lost.
“They are Vietnam Veteran pins that we put on the wreaths. We let the wreaths sit here in remembrance just to recognize them. You can say you remember them and share the emotion, but until there’s a physical presence, it’s not really confirmed,” said Cuttill.
Both Clark and Cuttill believe it’s important to make sure those who have served, live in the hearts and minds of Americans.
Clark says, “We really do need to remember those that sacrificed what they did in Vietnam. I know a lot of those who came home did not receive the welcome that the current veterans are receiving.”
“It’s a brotherhood. It never dies. We have no expiration date on how we tend with one another,” says Cuttill.
In Biloxi, Jaylon Morris, News 25.

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