Biloxi Premiere Lux Cinema to reopen Friday

After more than five months, the Biloxi Premiere Lux Cinema is finally opening back up to the public Friday.

Guests will notice a few changes when they attend the cinema, such as social distancing markers on the floor and mandatory wearing of masks for all staff, vendors, and guests.

Free masks will be provided for individuals if needed and they may remove the face covering when they are eating and drinking.

A number of shields are also placed around the cinema to limit contact and limited seating will be offered to ensure proper distance.

With the temporary closure due to COVID, the cinema will only be opening part time, but still seven days a week. Biloxi Premiere Lux Cinema General Manager John Sampson said, “Well in order to keep things nice and safe we have social distancing markings on the floor, which people are used to. The staff is going to be wearing masks and gloves at all times, mandatory handwashing every so often. We’ve ordered some very serious sanitizing chemicals that we will use to sanitize the auditoriums after every show. We’ve allowed additional time in between shows, specifically for that.”

The cinema will be previewing three movies and the first show time starts at 3 p.m.

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