Biloxi Outstanding Citizen of the Year

The Biloxi Lions Club honored one of their members with the Biloxi’s Outstanding Citizen Award, an award recognizing someone who has been active within the community.
News 25’s Jaylon Morris attended the 88th annual presentation to see who went home with this prestigious award.
Biloxi’s Outstanding Citizen for 2017 is State Farm Agency owner Errol Bradley. Bradley has served the community with projects such as replanting the twelve palms dedicated to twelve citizens of Biloxi who died in WWI, establishing a scholarship program, and helping to preserve Biloxi’s history. “I feel very humbled and appreciative of the folks giving me a little recognition. I feel real proud,” said Bradley.
The Outstanding Citizen Award in Biloxi was first recognized back in 1931, ten years before Errol Bradley was born. Biloxi Lions Club President Ronnie Cochran said, “The primary qualification is the contribution that is made to the city that doesn’t necessarily do with what they do in their job. It’s more of what they do outside extra for the city.”
While Bradley was accepting the award, he couldn’t help but thank his family, friends and his wife for their support. “It’s a way of them expressing themselves and thanking me and letting me know that they care and I care for them too,” said Bradley.
Bradley is from Biloxi and he tells News 25 winning this award from the people in his city makes it even more special. “Everybody should love their hometown. I love mine. I don’t know any other. I was born here and I never left.”
With 88 years of tradition and history, Bradley says he’s grateful to be in the same company as winners of the past. “To be on that list of former Biloxi citizens of the year, that’s quite a lineup and I’m honored to be on that list with those wonderful Biloxians.”

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