Biloxi Mayoral Race one day away

The time for campaigning is coming to a close, as tomorrow’s election draws near for the candidates.
The election signifies months of tough labor coming to a close.
“This has been a lot of hard work. I’ve enjoyed going out and talking with our constituents out there and Biloxi residents. And I’m looking forward to tomorrow,” said Biloxi Mayoral candidate, Windy Swetman.
Swetman and Gilich received the highest percentage of votes following the April 28th Biloxi Mayoral Election. Even with the stress of tomorrow looming, the candidates are in high spirits.
“Knock on wood, you know I feel good. Every time we needed to meet a challenge, we did. We met those challenges. Now it’s the time,” Biloxi Mayoral Candidate Fofo Gilich said.
“Oh, it’s extremely important. There’s a lot going on in Biloxi and there are so many opportunities for us right now, but it’s time to roll our sleeves up and go to work,” Swetman said.
“When you really analyze it and you really look at what’s at stake. You know it will take somebody with some experience and love of Biloxi,” Gilich added.
Both men believe they have the experience to lead Biloxi, but it’s the votes that matter.
By May 12, we will all know who Biloxi believes in the most.

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