Windy Swetman

Biloxi Mayor Could Run Unopposed

For now it looks like current Biloxi Mayor Andrew "Fo Fo" Gilich will be running unopposed for mayor this summer. Today at 5 pm is the deadline for anyone looking to qualify to run for mayor and as of right…

Swetman Family Kettlethon

For the fourth year in a row, one coast leader and his family are giving back to the coast by "Doing the most good" At sunrise this morning, former Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman took his place in front of…

4th Annual Kettlethon

News 25's Bryan Kennedy interviews Windy Swetman about the 4th Annual Kettlethon Friday, December 16th at the Biloxi Visitor Center starting at 6:30 am.

Windy Swetman defeated

The campaign for mayor was hard fought with some mudslinging on both sides, but now one candidate is moving on.

Biloxi Mayoral Election

Longtime business man Fofo Gilich or Harrison County supervisor Windy Swetman will be the city’s newest mayor after 22 years.