Biloxi Fire Department welcomes two new ‘green’ trucks

After a year in the making, the Biloxi Fire Department was finally able to unveil their new ‘green’ trucks to the public this afternoon.

Although the Biloxi Fire Department’s newest trucks are red in color, these fire trucks are considered ‘green’ trucks because they help reduce the carcinogen intake of the firefighters.

Over the past year, an apparatus committee of firefighters, appointed by Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney, came up with the design for the new trucks. The first two green cabs in the state of Mississippi. Chief Boney said, “It’s a work truck, it is. I use the analogy of the Mississippi Power company. You don’t see their trucks rolling around with chrome rims and brass bells on them. They’re work trucks. They’re work trucks. These are the same thing. They’re work trucks. These save people’s lives.”

The new trucks also save firefighters lives. Chief Boney says constant exposure to carcinogens over time is what causes cancer in firefighters. The cabs are designed with no fabrics to limit the absorption of carcinogens. Deputy Chief Andy Mason said, “Another big change is, when we have a structure fire or vehicle fire or anything that we get into carcinogens that would be cancer causing, we have them dress down, put their gear in this. This compartment doesn’t off gas inside the cab. It will off gases outside.”

Additionally, these trucks are built to be only 30 feet long instead of 34 and lower to the ground in order to prevent injuries due to slips, trips, and falls. “Man. My boy wants to come work here. You know, one of my sons and there are sons of other firefighters that work for us now and that’s what we’re doing. We’re trying to leave it better than what we found it,” said Mason.

Boney said, “We’ve lost a number of members to cancer. And we saw the need to change our culture in the fire department.”

The new trucks will be stationed at Fire Station 1 at Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center and Station 5 at Bay Vista.

Chief Boney says Biloxi citizens will be able to see the trucks on the streets in just a couple of weeks.

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