Biloxi Fire Department Reveals New Truck

The Biloxi Fire Department is stepping it up today and showing off a brand new truck outside city hall.
The new truck has a 100 foot ladder that stretches out in every direction. Other features include a built in medical box, LED lights, and an all mechanical system. The truck was ordered in October of last year and was custom built for the department.
Biloxi fire officials say the truck is long overdue. Fire Chief Joe Boney said, “Block grant money bought this, a grant the city got. They paid 100 percent for this truck, so it’s paid for and we’ll be able to use it for the next 20 years, which is really huge for us. You know, it’s a great benefit for us and our guys, it gives them that added bit of protection when their lives are on the line.”
The prior truck the department used was 18 years old. Fire officials say they can’t wait to get the new one on the road.

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