Biloxi City Council discusses Maycock Street

Part of Maycock Street in Biloxi will now be permanently closed after a vote today at Biloxi’s city council meeting.
Beginning at Water Street and proceeding north a couple hundred feet, you will already see the area is closed off and pavement is torn up. This will grant a portion of an improved public right of way for the new Mugshots that is being built.
Councilman George Lawrence had a few concerns with closing down the street to traffic, but Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich explains this could be an improvement. “They wanted a little bit of improvement to the parking on both sides as well as access to their new building which is, you know, a few million dollars even more and I think the plans dictate that it’d be reasonable to put that part of the street into that tax paying real property,” said Mayor Gilich.
What was not on the agenda was the update of progress on Division Street. According to the City of Biloxi, Division Street is now paved from Oak Street to the halfway point at Nichols Drive.
The area of Division at I-110 will be paved within three weeks.

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