Biloxi City Council Chooses New City Attorney

Today the city council officially accepted Mayor Gilich’s appointment for a city attorney.
Former Mayor Gerald Blessey will now be handling the city’s legal affairs. The post has been vacant and all legal decisions were made by a special council. Now, Gerald Blessey will manage that council.
Mayor Gilich believes Blessey has the best experience and will help accelerate 21st century economic development to the city.
“It will take more than one attorney obviously to do everything. Michael Collins will work some. We will certainly have some outside council as we do now. There’s a lot of legal business, but if we can manage it well, save costs, keep quality up and really focus on economical development," the new city attorney Gerald Blessey said.
Blessey has a Harvard degree and was a two term Biloxi mayor in the 80’s.
The council voted unanimously to accept Blessey as the city’s attorney.

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