Biloxi church sends water supply to Houston

South Mississippians know all too well that hurricanes and tropical storms are far from being over once they push through an area. This is just one reason why members of one Biloxi church have set out on a mission to help Hurricane Harvey victims with the prayer that flood victims to our west will rebuild and recover one day as their church has.
Too much water is why Hurricane Harvey victims are still flooded with problems. Yet there’s not enough safe drinking water. Something Biloxi Pastor Eric Dickey remembers all too well when Katrina caused an overflow of troubles back when it hit the Coast. “The water taps were obsolete at that time so bottled water was just like a gold mine to someone.”
Nine hundred and sixty cases of bottled water are all packed up and on its way to help flood victims. The relief effort took off from First Missionary Baptist Church in Biloxi Thursday afternoon. Church member George Barnes volunteered to drive the load to the truck’s first stop in Lake Charles with Houston marked as the mission’s final destination. “I just want to make sure that any support I can give, I’m able to give it and in this way that’s what it is.”
The mission is the first of a partnership of churches from South Mississippi. Pastors involved say they’re planning to send another truck once they collect more supplies at First Missionary Baptist Church, a church that had to rebuild when Katrina’s high waters ravaged its walls back in 2005. “That was just the devastation of East Biloxi during Hurricane Katrina so we do understand and know the value of just having bottled water,” said Rev. Dickey.
Even though the church was destroyed when Katrina hit, the parking lot served as a water distribution center. Church members say they find it beautiful that that’s the item they got to send off to help. “We want to do our part and say ‘hey, you have friends, you have neighbors that are going through what you’re going through now,’” said Rev. Dickey.

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