Bayou View Elementary participates in annual living wax museum project

History literally came to life at Bayou View Elementary School this morning when students in the second grade classes took part in a living wax museum. News 25’s Caroline Eaker was on hand as students took on the role of famous individuals.

With the push of a button, they came to life. Historical figures, icons, and athletes all under one roof at Bayou View Elementary School for the annual living wax museum.

“We give the kids a choice of who their famous American icons that they look up to that they want to choose and research and then they dress like their character.”

Natalie Monroe chose to become woman’s right activist Alice Paul

“It took me like I don’t know how many weeks to learn that speech but the worst part slash the awesome part is when Alice Paul and the girls went to prison for asking the judge when can woman vote and then when they were in prison they wouldn’t eat until they were free and that is awesome.”

Mallory McFarland and Jaclyn McCree also followed suit and went as other American symbols of woman’s rights, Rosie the riveter and Rosa Parks.

“She symbolizes the strength of working woman and she’s showing that woman can do anything men can do. She was trying to make stuff fair and help others and be fair.”

And others like Jake Goldin decided to learn about someone they look up to and dressed as David Copperfield.

“Well I love magic at this age and whenever i get into magic it always makes me happy and makes me enthusiastic.”

In Gulfport, Caroline Eaker, News 25

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