Battling flames and temperatures in Biloxi

With temperatures creeping into the high 90s battling the heat is no easy task, but what about battling flames and extreme heat?

When summer rolls around, firefighters are faced with that challenge on a regular basis. The Biloxi Fire Department responded to a house fire yesterday where firefighters had to take precautions against not only the flames, but the climbing temperatures.

Battalion Chief David Williams says high temperatures pose such a risk they have a truck dedicated to keeping the firefighters hydrated and cool while fighting the blaze. “When we get to a working fire we watch our guys closely. There’s not a lot of time spent in the fire, we get them out, get them to rehab. We have an air truck which has our air bottles, but it also has our refreshments, Gatorades, water, even in the cold weather with hot coffee, and things like that, shade. We do have cool vests that we can use. There are ice vests we can put under our gear.”


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