Back Bay Mission & Hard Rock Provide Thanksgiving Dinner

The holiday season is all about giving thanks and giving back. That’s why the Hard Rock Casino chooses to donate their food and services to the homeless each year with the help of Back Bay Mission. Magic Magill, a homeless magician, says, "All you have to do is watch, because I don’t hide anything from you, it’s all in front of you, but you have to pay attention."

Magill is an illusionist who has been down on his luck for the past four months. Thursday, he was able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal while entertaining others at the 9th Annual Homeless Hunger Day at Back Bay Mission in Biloxi. Magill also says, "The community outreach in this type of venue they’re applying here, I think it’s fantastic and if you can get people who will do that, that’s fantastic, but in today’s world, we don’t find many of those people."

It wasn’t just people in the community helping out. Back Bay Mission had volunteers from all over the country, like Pam and John Small from Evansville, Indiana. Pam says, "It just makes you feel that you are so blessed, when we go back home and every day and say, ‘Thank you God for everything, for what I have,’ because we have witnessed it, the people who don’t have it."

For the past nine years, the Hard Rock Casino has provided the food and service for this event. Todd Raziano, General Manager of the Hard Rock Casino, says, "You know, at the Hard Rock, we have a motto called ‘love all, serve all,’ and I think this hits it right on the mark. We really enjoy it every year."

Magill says even though his fellow homeless friends won’t admit it, they like coming to these events just to all be together. Magill closes, "They try to portray the stick my chest out, but deep down, I think they all are here for the same reason. They need somebody just like everybody else."

Thursday’s event provided more than 200 people with a Thanksgiving meal, giving those who don’t have much another reason to be thankful. Back Bay Mission will be teaming up with Keesler Air Force Base next Tuesday to provide the homeless with specialty smoked turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving.

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