B.O.E.M Visits the Coast

Today in Gulfport, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management held a public meeting, allowing locals a chance to provide input regarding operations in the Gulf.
This group does research across the entire Gulf Coast. Their primary responsibility is the regulation of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico and hosting meetings like this assists the group in gaining additional insight that will assist the Bureau when they write environmental impact statements. Chief of Environmental Assessment Gary Goeke said, “BOEM is the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Within the department of the interior, we’re the agency with primary responsibility for regulation oil and gas. The comment period gives us a chance to talk to folks who know about the local environment. It gives us a chance to talk to people like professional fishermen that know a lot more about local fisheries than we do. It gives us a chance to get additional information that we can put into the document that makes the document stronger.”
Anyone that missed the meeting, but wants to make a comment can visit boem.gov. The comment period will run through November 29th.

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