Authorities investigating road rage incident that left one dead in Jackson County

Monday afternoon around 4:30 p.m., a road rage incident that lasted nearly 20 miles in Jackson County ended with one man being fatally shot.

Thirty-year-old Brandon Box was killed near Interstate 10 Westbound near the 51 mile marker in Jackson County. Public Affairs Officer Johnny Poulos for Mississippi Highway Patrol shares information on the incident. “There was a road rage altercation between two drivers. Upon arrival, troopers found a driver that received gunshot wounds and there was a passenger inside the vehicle that provided information about the suspect vehicle.”

That suspect vehicle has a Louisiana license plate. If you have any information regarding the accident please call Crime Stoppers. They are offering a reward up to $2,500.

Road rage is more common than you would think. About eight out of every 10 drivers have road rage. Mississippi is also the number one state for the worst drivers. Here are some tips on how you can steer away from your own road rage. “Please don’t text and drive. Don’t maintain in the left lane. Please return to the right lane after you pass. Those are the main things we see angering drivers and resulting in road rage.”

Apart from be a distracted driver, road rage can be prevented by avoiding other aggressive drivers. If you are near an aggressive driver give them space and let them get far ahead of you. “We want the motoring public to know that road rage is a huge issue on our roadways, not just in Mississippi, but across the country.”

If you are involved in a road rage incident please call 911 or ‘STAR 47’ to alert law enforcement agencies.

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