Approaching House Bill 1523

Tomorrow marks the day of the enactment of House Bill 1523 in the state of Mississippi. For the LGBTQ community, this could be a problem. News 25’s Tanner Stewart has our story.
What has been known as the most sweeping anti-LGBTQ law in the nation goes into effect on October 10th.
House Bill 1523, as stated by legislators, is an act to create the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act, to provide certain protections regarding a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction for persons, religious organizations and private associations.
This bill has been called extreme and to the LGBTQ community, failure of the bill is inevitable. Molly Kester with the Rainbow Center said, “I think basically it’s a waste of time. It’s a very discriminatory law. It will have to get shut down in the courts.”
Under the new house bill, café’s like the Zydeco Kitchen in Gulfport can refuse service to anyone, but that doesn’t mean they are going to. Chef D. said, “Everybody deserves to eat a good meal regardless of if you are a homosexual or a transgender. No one should be refused service.”
This law could pose an imminent threat to communities as it allows for refusal of service in places like hospitals and even in schools. “The problem is the fifth circuit wanted somebody to suffer from the bill before they could rule against it and that’s why it was allowed to go into action. They needed somebody to get affected by it. So, if you know someone is gonna get affected by it why wait until somebody does,” said Kester.

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