Amateur Radio Operators Getting Set for Weekend Field Day, But It’s Serious Business

A disaster strikes. Your house is damaged, along with your neighbors’, or like in Hurricane Katrina, whole areas were obliterated by Mother Nature.

Who better to have around than radio operators?

The good news is, there are a lot of them here in South Mississippi, and they’re getting set for a weekend Field Day Exercise in Jackson County to do a test run in preparation for communicating during times of disaster or emergency.

News 25 Today live shot reporter Gabby Easterwood catches up with Charlie Hardt with the Jackson County Amateur Radio Association Friday morning as they set up for the weekend exercise at the West Jackson County Safe Room.

Hardt shares details about Amateur Radio Week. Members of the Jackson County Amateur Radio Association, and others, will be participating in the national Amateur Radio Field Day exercise at West Jackson County Safe Room this weekend, on Sat., June 22 from 1 p.m. to 1 p.m. Sun., June 23.

The Field Day is a showcase for how amateur radio works reliably under any conditions from almost any location to create an independent communications network.

The Jackson County Amateur Radio Association invites you to visit the operations at the West Jackson County Safe Room to take part, and watch as they network and communicate with other Field Day stations across North America. Governor Phil Bryant has declared the week beginning June 17 and ending June 23rd as Amateur Radio Week.

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