Alternative Water Rate Increases?

Members of the Biloxi City Council have asked Mayor Gilich for alternatives to increase water and sewage rates. That could mean increases for all Biloxi residents and businesses, not only the high-end users.
City leaders say the rate adjustments are necessary to generate the $17.3 million needed annually to provide water and sewer services to city residents. Last week, Mayor Gilich proposed increasing rates for the 11 percent of customers who use 8,000 or more gallons a month. Now, the city is battling over whether to increase rates across the board. Biloxi City Councilman Paul Tisdale said, “Some scenarios might include a flat water rate per thousand gallons used. It may be, since the high water users are being requested to increase their payment by 15 percent, what if we drop that to 13 percent for high water users and increase those that use less than 8,000 gallons?”
City Council Members tell News 25 they believe it will take a few weeks before they can agree on which direction to go with the water and sewage rate increase.

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