Accidental death of five-year-old Jackson County boy

A five-year-old Jackson County boy died Sunday afternoon after accidentally being run over by a car driven by his mother.
The accident happened at a home on Lily Orchard Road in Moss Point at around 2 p.m. on Sunday. Sheriff Mike Ezell says the accident happened after Drayke Whittington got out of his mother’s car to pick up Mardi Gras beads his sister threw out the window.
The mother, Melissa Shields, then backed up the car, unaware that Drayke had gotten out of the vehicle and ran him over. Drayke was airlifted to Singing River Hospital, but died on the way.
No charges have been filed and the accident is still under investigation. News 25 spoke to Kids and Cars Director Amber Andreasen, an organization that focuses on spreading awareness about these kinds of accidents. “The worst thing you can do is think this would never happen to you. You know we have to be vigilant anytime while moving out vehicles because we have blind zones not only behind the vehicle, but also on the front and even on the sides, where a small child just absolutely cannot be seen. So one of the things that people can do to protect themselves from the rear blind zone is install a backup cam if you don’t already have one.”
Andreasen says that every week in the United States at least 50 children are backed over because a driver couldn’t see them. In over 70 percent of these incidents, a parent or close relative is behind the wheel.

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