Able Program launched in Gulfport

It’s a program designed to give people with disabilities financial independence.

It’s called the ‘Mississippi Able Program’ and it launched today from the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services.

During the launch, people had a chance to learn about the program, its benefits, as well as get hands on assistance in setting up an account and getting started. It’s geared at helping individuals save for the future without the threat of losing public aid such as SNAP, housing, and Medicaid.

U.S. Congress passed The Able Act in 2014 and then Governor Bryant passed the Mississippi Able Act in 2017.

Those involved with the program say it is a great tool in preparing for the future. Susan Schiller with the Able Program said, “With Able you can do much better than that and plan for the future and not worry about losing those very important benefits that you rely on.”

Hancock Whitney Bank Vice President Michael Schloegel said, “Financial independence is really a life need. It creates a sense of honor to be able to manage your own finances and this really gives our citizens a chance to utilize this as another tool so they can do that.”

For information to see if you qualify visit their website here.

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