9/25 – Rob Knight’s “First Weekend of Autumn” Afternoon Forecast

Guidance generally was eroding the cloud deck too quickly so I had to adjust the sky cover a bit to slow it down. After what’s left of Beta exits our area, the Atlantic finally is quiet in the first time in the past month or so. Still not out of the woods for this year, but I’ll take any quiet weather we can get.

Dry air and fall like weather will be in the area before two cold fronts will be passing through the area. The first one is associated with a disturbance getting cutoff around eastern Texas. This one has some potential for showers and thunderstorms to close out the weekend into Monday.

The second cold front is forecast to reach the area late Tuesday and Wednesday and is associated with a much more vigorous digging upper level disturbance. This front looks to be dry for the most part with colder drier air moving late next week.

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