41.2 F
Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Tag: partial clearing

9/25 – Rob Knight’s “First Weekend of Autumn” Afternoon Forecast

Skies will continue to partially clear heading into the afternoon...

5/18 – Rob’s Monday Afternoon “Clearing” Forecast

Rainfall has moved east with skies partially clearing this afternoon...

04/08 Ryan’s “90+ Heat Index” Wednesday Forecast

Our highest high in quite some time coupled with today's humidity lead to some scary looking heat indices today, but cooler weather is on the way...just looks like it'll be stormy too.

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12/2 – Rob Knight’s “Warmer” Wednesday Mid-Morning Forecast

Another VERY COLD start to the day but the warm-up will begin this afternoon...

12/02 – Brantly’s “Frosty Morning, Mild Afternoon” Wednesday Forecast

We should have one more good weather day today before things begin to change on Thursday. Mostly clear skies continue through this morning, but...

12/01 Ryan’s “Barely Warmer” Tuesday Night Forecast

If it makes anyone feel any better about tonight's very cold weather, it will be slightly warmer than last night...slightly....

High School Boys Basketball: D’Iberville vs. Picayune

D’Iberville Warriors hosting Picayune in high school boys basketball. D’Iberville-58 Picayune-37