7/13 – Rob’s “Midday News” Afternoon Forecast

Showers have been hugging the coast since prior to sunrise…with the activity moving onshore, continuing to develop.

Not much has changed with the overall pattern as an area of high-pressure east will continue to dominate the area. The moisture flow will provide for overnight/early morning activity over the water drifting on shore…then afternoon activity sparked by daytime heating.

A trough of low-pressure…the remnants of TD #4 is now just off the Florida east coast slowly moving west. As it moves into the E’tern Gulf of Mexico, heavy rainfall will begin…mainly over the water and skirting the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our main threat for the weekend will include the possibility for HEAVY RAIN and WATER SPOUTS over the sound. The activity will begin to decrease 6998595 Sunday as this open wave moves into the W’tern GOM.

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