5/18 – Rob Knight’s “Gray/Wet” Monday Morning Forecast

The surface low is currently over southern Mississippi this morning, between Jackson and Hattiesburg. Area of showers wrapping around the south side is providing brief periods of rain.

Tropical Storm Arthur over the Atlantic off of North Carolina has really gummed up the works as far as progression of weather systems. The Mississippi lows will gradually move eastward as they merge with the northern stream system and reposition over middle Tennessee for much of the week. Impulses will occasionally wrap around this low for the next several days.

This morning rain will continue but I can’t rule out a rumble of thunder, but most should be just showers, and be done by early afternoon. Then get about 24 hours of dry weather before the next impulse wraps around the Tennessee low. Timing beyond the first 24 hours is a bit iffy, and tough to determine exactly where the precipitation cutoff will be. High temperature forecast will be totally cloud/precipitation dependent.

The low pressure in Tennessee will finally exit to the northeast somewhere around Friday. Even then, a lot of moisture remains available for diurnally driven convection. No organized systems, but will be carrying a daily mention of showers/storms, mainly during the afternoons.

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