4/4 – Rob’s CLEARING Wednesday Morning Forecast

A wind advisory has be issued for areas adjacent and south of large water bodies this morning. This will be until 10 am. Winds will rise to around 25 to 30 mph for locations to the south the interstate and over the northern GOM. The line of thunderstorm activity continues to weaken this morning as it moves to the coast and should continue to do so as it moves farther into the gulf but lingering light rain will remain for a while longer this morning but even this will eventually dry up and the clouds will begin to part by noon or thereafter.

High pressure will have a short stay before another cold front moves toward the area bringing another round of strong to severe storms Friday and Saturday. Friday`s activity will be associated with a warm frontal boundary that should set up over the area. The next round of thunderstorms will come with the cold front that is expected to move through during the morning Saturday. Models have all backed off on this boundary stalling which is a good thing because when a boundary lingers, rainfall can accumulate fast causing larger flooding issues. When these boundaries are moving, heavy rainfall may be associated, but they move through fast enough to only cause nuisance flooding of roadways and low lying areas.

Another front looks to affect the area by the start of the new week, so things are looking progressive for the next several days.

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