37th Annual Peter Anderson Arts and Crafts Festival

The weekend’s inclement weather didn’t stop business from booming at the 37th annual Peter Anderson Arts and Crafts Festival.
Scattered showers and low temperatures weren’t enough to stop shoppers from attending the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs. Sculptor Sean Corner said, “Had no issues with my sales because I have a great client base and they come back rain or shine.”
This year the festival provided more than 400 food vendors, painters, sculptors and more due to a new online application process called zapplication. Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce PR Specialist Cynthia Sutton said, “And that actually reaches artists, more than 70,000 artists throughout the United States. So, we have artists from California, Indiana, Illinois, all over.”
This year, the Peter Anderson Festival wanted to focus on incorporating more demonstrative artists, hoping to increase the interaction between those that are selling and those that are buying.
Also new to the festival is the Young and Art Market held at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. “That is where kids age 8-18 actually get to make their own work and see it as if they’re artists as well,” said Sutton.
Sutton tells News 25 she hops new additions such as these will help increase the overall economic impact of the festival. “Well, we did an economic impact study a few years back and the impact was almost 150,000 individuals throughout the two day event. So we hope these numbers are close,” said Sutton.
As the event comes to an end, vendors remain hopeful for high sales despite the wet and windy weather. Sabrina Stallworth with All Bottled Up accessory line said, “All in all, it hasn’t been that bad. So, hopefully they’ll still come out since it stopped raining right now and show with us.”

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