36th Air Evacuation Squadron deployed to aid in COVID-19 fight

In an effort to offer much needed relief to those suffering during this pandemic, the 36th Air Evacuation Squadron takes to the sky.

As the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the world, here in Mississippi, nine flight nurses, medical technicians, and support personnel took off to lend a helping hand to those in need.  Commander of the 403rd Operations Group Col. Stuart Rubio said, “We have members of the 36th Air Medical Evaluation Squadron that deployed on short notice to join the whole government team to take on the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic.”

The group took off around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon from Keesler Air Force Base and will be providing their expertise and be the medical professionals for the entire team. “They set up an airborne hospital in the back of an aircraft. So, they’re there to provide medical care en route between locations.”

The call for volunteers went out a few weeks ago, but for those selected their efforts began once they answered the call. “As a reserve squadron they are located all over the U.S. So, they are not all located right here. The first challenge was to get here and then to get them prepared at the last minute to deploy and I got to see them and talk to them as they headed out the door and they’ve got amazing attitudes and are ready to take on whatever comes their way.”

Col. Rubio says this group is ready to lend a helping hand anywhere it’s needed. “To think about them personally, they’re leaving their families and it’s a scary unknown situation to support Americans and airmen and their families throughout the world. So, it is an extremely important thing that they’re doing and it’s very admirable.”

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