Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips


For a holiday revolving around food, it’s one of the riskiest times for kitchen fires.

Before your holiday fun goes up in flames, make sure you keep some safety tips in mind. Always make sure that the turkey is completely thawed before frying and fry it outside in an uncovered area.

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Be proactive, test the batteries in your fire alarms before you start in the kitchen and watch those flammable decorations.

Never leave the kids unattended around an open flame or hot stove.

One major way that fires start during Thanksgiving is from getting distracted. Gulfport Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt said, “The big thing is watch over what we are cooking. It’s easy to get distracted when we have family and friends that you haven’t talked to for a while, maybe we have a cocktail or two. So, make sure you just remember that you do have things cooking in the kitchen. If you house could talk it would be saying this is the most dangerous day of the year for me from a structure fire standpoint.”

Chief Beyerstedt also says be mindful of using cooking oils. If a fire starts with oil do not try to put it out with water, cover it with a lid.

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