05/21 Ryan’s “Hotter” Tuesday Forecast


It’s even hotter and more sunny today than it was yesterday, and that’s a trend we won’t see end this week. It’s only going to get hotter as we approach the meteorological start of summer, but are still weeks away from the official start.

We’re already in the mid-to-high 80s across South MS, but I’m expecting we’ll see low 90s with heat indices in the 100 degree range by the weekend.

That’s not in “dangerous” territory just yet, but it won’t be long before we see those days moving in as well. This week will basically be more of the same with just those few changes in temperature and humidity. Expect it to get progressively hotter from now into the weekend, when it appears we’ll cool off a few degrees heading into next week. We will very likely approach record high temperatures before that cool down occurs. Basically, expect sunny, hot days with warm, humid nights for the foreseeable future.