04/17 Ryan’s “Pre-Storms” Wednesday Forecast


It may not seem like it because today is only slightly warmer and more humid, but severe storms move in tomorrow. As one who isn’t big on weather “hype,” this is a situation I’m concerned about because the potential is there. All of the severe weather metrics over South Mississippi indicate a decent likelihood of severe weather, but regardless strong thunderstorms are a certainty.

In the early afternoon we’ll see a chance of super-cell storms that could produce tornadoes, but later in the evening we’ll see the main “squall line” that will bring the majority of the activity.

Rain will be intense, lightning frequent, and gusting winds in excess of 60 mph are likely. As the line moves through, shear values are within the threshold that tornadoes could still be embedded in the line, which tend to be weaker and more short-lived than the cellular storms.

Any way you look at it tomorrow will be the most dangerous weather day in South MS we’ve had for quite some time, and steps should be taken to protect yourself and your family as the storm moves through.

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