01/09 Ryan’s “Clear & Cold” Wednesday Evening Forecast


Yesterday’s cold front didn’t do much during the day, but cold and dry air moved in quickly overnight. This afternoon’s temperature cooled solid 13 degrees from the day before in Gulfport, and we’ll fall even further into the upper 50s for Thursday and Friday. Our nights however won’t be as pleasant.

Tonight’s low will stay just above freezing on the waterfront, but inland areas will certainly fall to, or below freezing.

That means cold weather shelters will be open and steps should be taken to protect sensitive plants, outdoor pets, and exposed pipes (inland).

These conditions will linger for a few days, but we’ll see a sharp rise in the humidity and temperature between Friday and Saturday as our next frontal system moves in.

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This will bring our first active weather in a while, but severe weather isn’t expected yet. Luckily it’s only one day and skies begin clearing by Sunday, starting off the next work week with mostly sunny skies and cool afternoons.