2/26 – Rob’s Rainy Monday Morning Forecast

Showers and a few thunderstorms are continuing to push through this morning. We are still seeing some decent rain but definitely not the wide spread 1-3 inches previously thought.

As for today, tonight, and through tomorrow morning the forecast looks quiet for the most part. The current showers and thunderstorms will continue to work east and south with the front and by late this morning or midday most if not all of the rain should be in the GOM. The front will not hang out in the north Gulf long, It will quickly retreat to the north beginning late tonight and by midday tomorrow will have already pushed through the entire area and well into central LA and approaching central MS. This will open up the Gulf and moisture will quickly surge back in. With this surge of moisture we could see a few showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two across the region Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday night through Wednesday we will warm back up with not much in the way of rain Wednesday as the ridge should suppress any convection outside of some possible light showers. Highs will be back in the upper 70s and probably the lower 80s. Luckily this warm spell for Wednesday will be very short lived as the next potent system will already be on its way. The next cold front will be on the way and this one should help to cool off the area for a few days relatively speaking. After the front moves through Thursday afternoon look for cooler and much drier air to move in. The biggest change will be the drier along with clearing skies which could lead to some of the coldest morning lows we have seen since before Valentine ’s Day.

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