2/15 – Rob’s VERY WARM Friday-Eve Forecast

Water temps are doing a great job at causing fog to form this morning…with a DENSE FOG advisory in effect through 10 a.m. Expect this scenario to continue tomorrow morning as a weak cold front will approach the region/area. After the fog dissipates and lifts, expect more sunshine this afternoon allowing some areas to heat toward record highs.

If fog is able to form again tonight, and it should, it may stay in for a while into Friday as a cold front will be moving slowly southward providing conditions that promote fog and allow it to remain locked over the area. This is especially true since the front will begin to slow and stall near the coast where the front`s pooling moisture can linger. Another push comes again Saturday as well but the front will stall near the coast. So, long story short, there could be some redundant nights of fog into the weekend. But we will need to assess each night with each coming day.

After the weekend, the next cold front also looks to move near or into the area and stall by mid-week. This front could a little better dynamic help though as the subtropical jet looks to be more active along the frontal axis where winds should become more parallel to the boundary with time.

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