18-wheeler Wreck and Chemical Leak

An overturned 18-wheeler leaking hazardous chemicals shut down I-10 traffic this afternoon in Hancock County.
The accident happened just after 1 o’clock. The 18-wheeler was heading north on Highway 607 and made a left turn, merging west onto I-10. The driver, 28-year-old Kristen Cooper from Baton Rouge, suffered no injuries. When the 18-wheeler she was driving flipped, the trailer ruptured causing a corrosive material leak. Emergency crews shut down I-10 and 607 northbound to traffic.
BJ Siebert with Mississippi Highway Patrol said, “We’re also very lucky that this happened in the area where it did. It’s in the Stennis buffer zone so there’s no residents and no businesses in danger. Now, we have the rest area right here but as long as the wind is staying out of the south, we have no danger of shutting down the rest area near the interstate.”
St. Tammany Fire Department in Louisiana assisted Hancock County emergency crews as well. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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