1/4 – Rob’s “Colder & Wet” Thursday Forecast

As cold air continues to funnel into the Gulf coast, a developing system in SE Texas and gulf moisture will develop widespread rain in the northern Gulf…moving NE. Widespread rain will move in overnight through Friday night. The cold air will begin to develop sleet mixing with rain, this process should begin between 2pm and 4pm Friday over central/northern Mississippi. Sleet will become more likely as the late afternoon progresses.

After sunset, the surface will have cooled enough to begin observing some mixing of freezing rain and sleet through Friday evening into early Saturday morning…all the way down to the interstate. The moisture will begin to lift out of the area after midnight Friday night so the amount of time wintry precip will fall could be as much as 8 hours for any particular location north of the coastal counties…dropping down to the interstate for a brief period after midnight.

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