12/31 Ryan’s “Goodbye 2020” Thursday Night Forecast

The night we get to say goodbye to 2020 is the same night we get our first active weather in a while. This evening’s front carried an “enhanced” severe risk at one point, but has been downgraded to “slight.” It seems dry mid-level air and a subsidence inversion are limiting convection, so the thunderstorms aren’t able to organize.

That means severe weather is still over the next few hours as the front passes, but far less likely.

In fact, I expect it to largely be over by sunrise. That’s when we’ll hit our low of 61, and while we begin the first day of 2021 cloudy and wet, the sun comes out quickly. Expect mostly sunny skies by tomorrow afternoon, with a cooler high near 67. This cooling trend continues into Sunday as the high falls into the upper 50s and nights plummet into the upper 30s. It begins warming from that point forward, remaining in the low-to-mid 60s for the rest of the week.

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