12/30 – The Chief’s “Happy End of 2022” Friday Afternoon Heavy Rain Forecast

A line of strong to severe thunderstorms will move through our area this afternoon. As this line moves into our area it will continue to be favorable for producing severe winds gusts as well as possibly producing a couple short lived tornadoes. While this line was not moving too fast early on in its formation, it has been picking up and will continue to do so as it enters our area becoming cold pool dominated. If it races across the area the way models are anticipating, we likely will see less of a flash flooding risk. While it will be producing high rainfall rates that may cause a few areas of localized flooding, the fast moving nature of it will help keep us from seeing any widespread flooding issues. Showers and thunderstorms should clear the LA/MS border sometime in the afternoon, moving out of coastal MS late in the afternoon through the evenings hours.

Following this line of storms, we will start to see conditions become favorable for dense fog Friday Night into Saturday as we see winds shift SW and advect in a higher humidity field. With all the active weather moved out by late Friday we expect to see nice conditions for New Years Eve as clouds clear out and high temperatures warm into the low 70s. Similar conditions are expected into Sunday, but clouds start to build in later in the day ahead of our next weather-maker.

Our next big weather maker is expected to move into the region Monday into Tuesday. The main focus will be a cold front that swings through bringing showers and thunderstorms along with it, some storms looking to be on the stronger side.

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