12/30 Ryan’s “Foggy” Sunday Night Forecast

If Rudolph was still in the area he’d definitely be needed on this foggy night. Dense Fog Advisories have already been issued for all six coastal counties and conditions won’t significantly change, other than getting even more rainy, until next Thursday! Right now a cold front is expected tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll see rain off and on all morning/afternoon long with a more organized band by 5 PM. Afterwards we’ll see some light clearing before a warm front is pulled through and we begin the whole process again.

This guarantees at least a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms every day until Thursday.

At that point the frontal system will finally be pushed eastward and cooler/drier air moves in. Expect a few chilly nights and mild, sunny days for the weekend, but temperatures won’t stray far from average.

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