12/18 – Jeff’s “Cold and Unsettled” Sunday Night Forecast

Tonight will be another cold night with temperatures in the 30s. Clouds streaming in will allow for temperatures to not bottom out as low as Sunday morning. Monday will be the start of an unsettled couple of days.

A system forming to our west will provide for increasing clouds throughout the morning with the cloud layer lowering. Light rain will begin to fall in the afternoon. It will pick up in intensity throughout the evening hours with steady rain expected. Rounds of rain will continue through the night into Tuesday.

The bulk of the steady rainfall will come to an end during the morning hours Tuesday. On and off light-to-moderate rain will be in play through much of the day Tuesday until around sunset. Then, there will be a brief lull in the pattern as we work into Wednesday.

Towards the end of this week, a very powerful cold front will make it through the region late Thursday. There is a high likelihood of dangerously cold temperatures across our area. Morning low temperatures could be in the teens, with wind chills in the single digits! Efforts should be made to prepare to protect people, pets, and pipes.

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