12/14 Ryan’s “Cloudy” Monday Night Forecast

A cold front moved through Sunday, but it’s still cloudy and will be for a few more days. Rain will stay away until later in the week, but it’ll look grey and dreary until at least Wednesday evening. That means while tonight and tomorrow will be still cloudy, despite being drier and cooler.

Expect tonight’s low to fall to near 40 on the coastline, with cooler areas inland.

Tomorrow will be cool as well, high near 59, but it’ll warm quickly ahead of our next front Wednesday morning. As with our fronts we saw over the weekend, severe weather isn’t likely but a few rumbles of thunder are possible. This front will be gone by noon Wednesday, so expect rapid clearing after. So the start of the week may have been on the cloudy and grey side, we’ll finish the week with cool, dry, and sunny conditions.

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