12/01 Ryan’s “Barely Warmer” Tuesday Night Forecast

We’re in for another exceptionally cold night in South MS, but it will be a little warmer than last night. And by “a little warmer,” that’s exactly what I mean…a little. Expect it to be a degree or so warmer in Gulfport than it was last night, up to 33 degrees.

Inland areas will still fall below freezing, so continue to be cautious of the cold and protecting your pets and plants.

The warming will become a little more noticeable tomorrow afternoon as the high climbs into the low 60s. Most of the day will remain as sunny as today was, but clouds will begin to gather through the night.

This is happening due to relatively warmer, more humid air rushing to meet our next front, expected Thursday night.

Thunderstorms are possible, but severe weather isn’t likely as it moves in. By Friday it’ll be through, and we’ll begin cooling again. Not as much as we did yesterday, but we’ll finish this week and start the next with highs in the low 60s and nights in the 40s.

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