11/07 Ryan’s “Front Effects” Tuesday Night Forecast

A front has already moved into the North MS, and it won’t be long until we’ll feel its effects in South MS as well. The front is just now moving through Jackson which “felt like” 75 degrees during the show, but just to the North in Oxford it felt like 55 so the effects of this weak front are still easy to see. We won’t see much activity until Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, and even then only isolated showers are expected. Drier air will begin to work its way in the lower levels early, but it wont be until Thursday evening we’ll see a significant increase in drier or cooler air. These more seasonal conditions will linger through Veteran’s day weekend, though we’ll begin seeing return flow setting up and modifying the airmass by Sunday afternoon. This is setting up the passage of another weak front as we head into next week, which will reinforce our already much more improved weather.

Tropical Storm Rina will slowly strengthen over the next day and a half as it moves toward the North, then Northeast as it gets caught up in the mid-latitude westerlies. This storm will have no impact on South MS, and will become extra-tropical by Thursday as it gets absorbed by another low.

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