11/27 – Brantly’s “Foggy Morning, Cloudy Afternoon” Friday Forecast

We are off to another warm and muggy start again today along the Gulf Coast. Temperatures are warm and do points are high across the area leaving us with some foggy conditions for many locations. Visibility is down to just 0 to 2 miles for several spots in South Mississippi. We have a dense fog advisory for the southern six counties in Mississippi and for areas to our east and west, including the New Orleans metro and the Mobile Bay area. The dense fog advisory goes until at least 8 AM, but we could see some fog linger until the late morning hours.

Temperatures will gradually warm up throughout the day getting up to the mid 70s once again. Rain chances increase gradually as well at around 20 to 30% for the first half of the day, rising to 50 to 60% by this evening. Will be watching for a group of showers and thunderstorms to move in from the west overnight, making our rain chances increase to about 80%. On Saturday rain chances drop she just 50% for some scattered showers, but back up to 60 to 70% on Sunday as a powerful cold front approaches the area.

We are still working out the fine details of the forecast for Sunday but expect showers and thunderstorms to enter the area as early as the Sunday morning timeframe. Going throughout the day we will see showers and some stronger thunderstorms on Sunday before the cold front pushes through, leaving us with much cooler and drier air in its wake. On Monday we will see temperatures take a big hit, dropping down to The mid 50s during the day with very breezy conditions.

Winds on Monday will be at around 10 to 20 mph gusting up to 25 or 35 mph at times. The breezy conditions continue into Tuesday as temperatures drop down to around freezing in the lower 30s by the morning. This will likely be the first freeze of the season for many locations and I expect a freeze watch or freeze warning to be put in place by Monday. With temperatures in the 30s Tuesday morning and the breezy conditions expect the wind chill or real feel temperatures to be in the 20s as you head out the door next week.

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