10/19 Ryan’s Wednesday Night Forecast

A few clouds rolled in just before noon bringing a few showers with them, but gradual clearing will give us a much slightly cooler Wednesday night. Tomorrow will be warm and humid like today with high near 85 and generally mostly sunny skies. Conditions change rapidly in the later parts of Thursday as a cold front will be moving through the area through the overnight hours. Right now, it looks as if the effects of this cold front will begin to be felt an hour or two before midnight, and will last through much of the early morning. Initially, the changes will be slight (high near 77), but Friday evening lows will drop into the low 50s along the waterfront, with inland areas reaching the mid to upper 40s. We’ll then begin a much cooler and drier weekend, with a Saturday high near 74 and cloudless skies.

Disturbance 1 still only has a 60% chance of tropical formation over the next 2-5 days, and is expected to move NW until Friday, where it will get picked up by our frontal system on its way out and pushed out into the Central Atlantic.

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