10/10 Ryan’s “Pre-Front” Tuesday Night Forecast

It’s still warm and humid in South Mississippi as we wait out these last “pre-front” hours before the cooler and drier air moves in. The front is currently positioned to our Northwest and is pushing into Northern Louisiana, but will begin to slow significantly as it weakens. This means there won’t be much of a temperature change, but considerably drier air will move in and linger through the weekend. Afternoon highs are currently in the upper 80s, but will drop into the mid 80s for the weekend, and the drier air will make for much more pleasant conditions. Another front begins to push into the area by Monday, which will bring more cooler and drier air, reinforcing what is already in the area. This new front is expected to bring temperatures down into the lower 80s to begin next week, with evening lows falling into the low-to-mid 60s.

Ophelia is the only tropical system currently being tracked, and is not expected to impact South Mississippi or the United States. Will continue Eastward into the Atlantic.

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