10/04 Ryan’s “Cruisin’ Weather” Wednesday Forecast

Today was the first of a good run of beautiful days, perfect for Cruisin’ the Coast! A ridge to the Northeast has moved slightly further South and strengthened, so easterly winds will continue to bring in drier air over the next few days. At no point from now until Saturday afternoon should we see anything more than mostly sunny skies, with mostly clear skies expected for Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will bump up a bit more over these sunny days, but shouldn’t leave the upper 80s. The cloud cover will begin to increase late Saturday, which will begin lowering temperatures, as the system currently known as Tropical Depression 16 begins to move into the Northern Gulf. This will increase rain chances significantly through the beginning of the week, but we’ll see clear and cooler days by next Wednesday.

This tropical depression is concerning. It is expected to rapidly intensify into a hurricane by the weekend as it moves into the Southern Gulf. It is at this point it will interact with a mid-level low and be propelled more quickly northward, but this is where most of the models begin to disagree. If this low is stronger than expected, it will force the storm further West and likely directly into South MS, but if it is weaker the storm will turn East and land closer to Pensacola. Either way we will see some activity from this storm, but it remains to be seen if it’s just wrap-around moisture, or a land-falling hurricane. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and update all week long.

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